Let me tell you about two great guys (again)

I already wrote about them before, but I’m just so excited, I have to do it again, especially since they are about to publish another great resource, “The tablet interpreting manual”.

If you’re an interpreter with at least some interest in how technology can make your professional life easier, then I’m sure you’ve heard of these two.

If you are and haven’t or if you’re an interpreter and have never thought about technology as a tool for more than just communicating with clients and colleagues and preparing for an assignment and collecting terminology, well, then you really should get to know them.

And who am I talking about? Josh and Alex, of course, also known as the guys behind techforword, where you can read, listen, participate and overall learn all sorts of really useful “techy stuff” to make the most of what’s available out there for interpreters.

They have done (and are continuously doing) the research, the testing and the evaluating so that we don’t have to.

For example their “Remote interpreting from home”and “Getting the right mix” courses are super helpful – and fun! – for making RSI a lot less stressful.

In addition to the paid (but really not expensive) courses you can take at your own pace, there is also the opportunity to join them live online, as well as a whole library of free webinars.

Curious? Take a look, and if you want to get to know a little about them and what they do, here’s an interview the ITI did with them recently:

And just in case you’re wondering, no, I’m not getting anything out of it – other than hopefully making your life easier, as well, and thus contributing to more happiness all around.

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