Getting it right

For non-linguists, buying translations is often a source of frustration. In order to spare you this frustration, I am offering you this guide to get it right.

Prices for translations

Every text is different, therefore it is not possible to state a set price before seeing the document. There are different methods for invoicing, whereas the most common ones are per word and per standard line. Depending on the document, it is also possible to invoice per hour. A charge is due for stamping and processing certified translations. In addition, rush charges and surcharges for difficult conditions (poor readability, not-editable format, etc.) may apply. If you send me your document using the contact form, I can make you a more exact offer.

For companies that work with translations memories, I offer special, staggered prices.

Prices for proofreading/editing

Here, too, it is not possible to quote a price without seeing the document. The usual invoicing method is per hour, however, it is also possible to invoice per word or per standard line.

Prices for interpretation services

I charge different prices, depending on whether you need consecutive or simultaneous interpreting, for just a few hours or several days. The usual method is to charge per half-day or per-diem rates, plus any additional expenses and/or surcharges (e.g. for overtime, working at night, poor acoustics etc.).

Cost estimate

For a specific, custom-made offer for your needs, please contact me. The easiest way is by using the contact form, so that I can make you a cost estimate for your special project.