When somebody asks what the difference is between translating and interpreting, the usual answer is, “Isn’t that the same thing?”

As a matter of fact, there is a significant difference between these two activities: translating is always in writing, while interpreting is always oral. Furthermore, there are different skills required for each task (in addition to the obvious command of the respective languages, of course), so that not every translator is also automatically able to interpret and not every interpreter can deliver good translations.

I am a state-certified translator and a state-certified interpreter with a specialization in economics and offer both services. As conductor with long years of training both in Germany and the US (B.A., M.M.), I am also specialized in translations in the area of classical music.

In addition, as a publicly appointed translator and interpreter sworn in at the Landgericht Bamberg (Germany), I also prepare certified translations of certificates, official documents etc.

In order to put the finishing touches on a translated text or one written by you, whether in English or German, and to put it to the test regarding grammar and style, I also offer services as proofreader and editor.

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