It’s not too late!

The incredible, awesome, information-packed, fun… (I could go on and on with the positive adjectives here) Innovations in Interpreting Summit 2021 might be over – and that is sad, but true.

However, even if you missed it for some reason, it is not too late to still get all the amazing content PLUS some bonuses if you purchase the Power Pack. All the sessions plus material like worksheets, transcripts and mp3 files are still available to watch and work through at your leisure, but only until March 3, 2021. (And just in case you’re wondering, no, I’m not getting paid to promote this, I’m just that excited about it and I want everyone to know!)

So go grab yours now! I promise, you won’t regret it (even if you missed out on the fun interaction at the live sessions and all the spectacular prizes – of which I had the honor to win one, thanks again, Josh and Alex!)!

It really was a wild ride, as Alex put it last night during the closing session, but oh so great!!

I could have done this for another three days, easily, and still not been bored. Exhausted, yes, probably, but well worth it! The hybrid concept of recorded presentations and live sessions and panels was perfect for making it fit into even a busy schedule. Plus knowing I had long since purchased the Power Pack, I was relaxed and picked the sessions I really wanted to see first – after all, I have 12 months to get to the rest.

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