Let’s get moving! :-)

It’s winter, the restrictions are getting, well stricter, the hours of daylight are getting shorter, the weather may or may not lend itself to long leisurely walks outside, and in any case, who has time to move or – more importantly – the motivation to do so?
It’s nice and cozy inside, Christmas cookies and hot chocolate (or mulled wine in these parts) are calling to you, and one type of screen or another has become our daily companion.

I’m not trying to be a pessimist, but if you’re anything like me, come spring, when we can finally leave the thick jackets at home, there’ll be a price to pay – for larger clothes!

So, don’t get lulled into semi-hibernation – let’s move!

To get you started, here’s a very easy choreo you can even do sitting in your office chair (or the sofa):

And for those of us with more space and energy, here’s the (sort of) grown-up version:

Seriously, though, don’t forget to exercise – we’re sitting around way to much, especially this time of year and in these different times!
You don’t have to dance, just do what is fun for you – as long as you do something and do it regularly.

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