Feedback for consec practice

During last week’s mock conference I recorded myself in order to listen to and evaluate my performance. While this is fairly easy to do for simultaneous interpreting (if you have the original speech, mark in there, or if you don’t, evaluate based on what you hear), for consecutive, often it’s not only about the spoken outcome, but also about improving your note-taking.

Browsing online, I came across a great resource I might even start using for and with my students: FREE Feedback forms by one of my favorite trainer platforms – techforword.

They have three different fillable forms on offer here:
1) Feedback diary (self-assessment form)
2) Interpreters’ Help feedback form (self/peer/tutor assessment form)
3) ​Note-taking feedback form

They have different categories to fill in (e.g. Structure and layout, Legibility, What did you do well? What could be improved?) and also have the option to save files and keep everything in a list, so can clearly see your progress.

Josh also made an introductory video:

So go and give it a try! The worst that can happen is that you don’t like it – but at least you practiced! 😉

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