Meet Count Smorltalk

A little while ago I came across an absolutely wonderful blog called InterpreterSoapbox. It is a blog about interpreting, translation and multilingualism, created and edited by Monika Kokoszycka. There are numerous authors, and one is the wonderfully quirky Count Smorltalk.

This fella is a seasoned interpreter whose writing style is just delightful, and the topics he expounds upon are excellent – as are all topics on the blog really.

There are several posts by the Count, which can be found by inserting his name in the search box, but the one I stumbled across first was this one: “Note-Taking for Consecutive Interpreting”, a review. In it, he talks about the book of the same name by Andrew Gillies (THE Andrew Gillies), and it’s just a fantastic read. Oh, and the content is great, too.

So if you’re looking for some refreshing and informative reading, by all means, head on over there and indulge. You won’t regret it, I promise!

BTW, I have no idea what Count Smorltalk looks like, but I imagine it could be something like this… 😉

Image credit: FXQuadro (iStock by Getty Images)

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