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A frightened businessman shielding himself with his hands from the drawings of calendars and clocks on the grey wall. Business and time-management. Organizing and planning. Productivity and efficiency.

Ask and you shall receive

Probably the one thing most translators will agree on regardless of language combination, country or age is that clients always seem to want the translations done as quickly as possible,…

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10 Things You Should Never Say to a Translator

I came across this compilation over on translatorfun.com by Romina Bona. (She also creates brilliant comics about translators and their joys and struggles, btw, which are also for sale here.)…

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A Businesswoman Does All Work Tasks in Time. Freelance or Office Worker. Multitasking, Time Management, and Productivity Concept. Vector Flat Illustration.

Productivity methods

I recently wrote about my frustration with myself and the increasing feeling of overwhelm (I know that's not a noun [yet?], but if you keep reading, you'll find out where…

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