The hidden Olympic discipline

Or at least one of Olympic proportions…

Because without it, this international event would not have been as widely followed (or even known, in all likelihood).

Of course, I’m talking about the interpreters, who tirelessly and faithfully made all events understood the world over. And their job was even harder in times of COVID, with the interpretation taking place remotely. While this took some of the travelling stress away, having to interpret while somewhere else, is a lot harder.

There was an article beautifully describing their work and the enormous effort involved, which unfortunately is no longer available.

I did save it, though, so for those interested, drop me a line and I’ll send you the text.

My favorite part:

Interpretation is, in the end, more art than science — a discipline that requires skill, yes, but a strong dose of humanity as well.

I always knew we were artists… 🙂

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