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Always learning something new

Even as my student are in the middle of their state examinations, my continuous training doesn’t stop, either.

Given the current situation, the main focus is on remote interpreting and how to provide the best service to the clients in these times.

And boy, is there a lot to learn! I’ve always considered myself to be a pretty tech-savvy person, but there simply is no way I can know (let alone master!) every tool out there. Thankfully, there are experts willing to share their expertise for just about everything, and I was able to participate in a 2-day online training with Maha El-Metwally from Cultural Bridges on two such tools (Zoom and VoiceBoxer).

As Maha gave an introductory overview of some of the most often used tools for remote interpreting, it really was quite eye-opening to see what all is out there, and more specifically, what is and what isn’t possible with each tool.

I also got to take part in a live demo of an interpretation hub, finding out all about the advantages of having a familiar environment and a technician at hand, which beats having to do it all yourself especially for bigger and/or longer events.

And of course, the constant exchange with colleagues, both in live meetings online and via various platforms, helps to get an ever better understanding of this new reality and how to best deal with everything that comes with it, including the negotiations of fees, working hours, liability etc.!

I really have been learning a lot and feel that I am now able to respond more confidently to clients’ inquiries and make them a an offer that is fair for all parties involved: speakers, participants and interpreters!

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