Sweet Dreams

I was out of town the last two days, interpreting for that new customer from Switzerland who had asked me to make them offers including technology (I wrote about this here). Everything went really well, both the customer and the guests I interpreted for were full of praise and thanked me repeatedly for my excellent interpretation, and the setup with microphone and headphones, sitting behind a partition worked surprisingly well. And although the customer brought three additional presentations for the second day, that actually turned out to be very good, since I sat down with the chief engineer and in part created new terminology, got detailed explanations and could ask questions to my heart’s content.

The whole thing took place about 350km away, meaning I got to stay at a hotel together with the customer and the other guests. In the evening, I was also invited to go to dinner with everyone, which was great and furthermore resulted in a new business relationship for me, since the customer now wants me to proofread and translate their publications.
What absolutely made my day, however, was this cute sticky note on the headboard of the bed in the hotel, left there by the cleaning service:

Made me smile, and it worked, too! I slept like a child, woke up early and refreshed, and was able to do some last preparations AND have a leisurely breakfast!
If all interpreting jobs go like this one, bring them on! The sticky note is going with me in any case… ;o)

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