Standards, standards, standards

I knew that there were standards for technical requirements for interpreting set-ups and translation in general (the BDÜ published a special edition each on the DIN-versions last year – German only), but I was unaware that there are quite a few international standards, as well. 

There are actually 19 of them now (6 of them still under development), grouped under ISO/TC37/SC5, with the most recent addition the standard on the requirements for legal interpretation (ISO 20228:2019).

There is even one on XLIFF (ISO 201720:2017)?!

Also interesting: ISO 18587:2017 – Requirements for post-editing of machine translation output (there is also a newer version available on the DIN website (DIN ISO 18587:2018-02German only).

If only they weren’t so pricey…. 

Has anyone (else) purchased one or perhaps even several standards (DIN or ISO)? And if so, which ones, and why? And are you actually using them? Are they helpful in some way?
Please comment below, I’m sure I’m not the only curious LSP… !

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