Content Marketing for Translators

It’s summertime and for many of us, this means less work and maybe also vacation time. This free time should of course be used to relax and reload in whatever way works for you, but it could also be used to do the things for your (freelance) business you may not have time for otherwise.

One thing I know I could (and probably should) always do more of is marketing. There are many different approaches and options to do this, but today I want to point you in the direction of indirect marketing, and more specifically content marketing.

Maeva Everywhere (who is a fabulous resource for marketing in general) wrote a very detailed post on the topic a few years ago that is nevertheless still very relevant and helpful (with free downloads and more) today. I won’t go into more detail here and would just like to point you to it: Click here for the post – and enjoy and hopefully learn and benefit from it! 😃

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