Another terminology source

Lately, it seems like I keep finding one great and interesting terminology source after another. I love to share, so here’s the next one:


It says on the website:

Containing over 750,000 terms and definitions from standards, draft standards and specifications, the DIN-TERM database is made available to the general public for free. The terms and definitions are given in German, with English and French equivalents wherever available, and since June 2016 also in Polish, due to a cooperation with the Polish standards body PKN.
Two levels of access are offered:
DIN-TERM online, for which registration is not necessary, gives users access to 210,000 terms that have been defined in a DIN Standard. The translation of the term (English/French/German/Polish) and relevant categories are shown.               
For more information, users turn to the DIN-TERMinology Portal, which is still free but requires a one-time registration. Here definitions of the term are given – in all available languages – as well as information on the source document. More sophisticated search functions are also possible, such as filtering searches according to document type, standards committee, category or document number.

I’m really pleased with what I’ve found so far, and I hope you will be, too!

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