Things are a-changing

… and not because it is becoming very clear that summer has gone (although I hope it will make a reappearance before leaving for good) and fall is already here.

It’s also not because the new school year has started and there are almost twenty (20?!) new students at the Fachakademie in Weiden.

No, I am talking about a change in hardware. Seeing as my trusty notebook is becoming ever slower, freezing up almost daily and some of its parts have stopped working entirely (e.g. the disc drive or the fingerprint sensor), I knew it was time for a new laptop.

Anyone who has ever had to switch from one computer to another with more than just a few data and programs knows what this entails… HOURS of clicking, typing, waiting, looking for licences, trying to convince the *%’&§ machine that indeed this is the right number/disc/location/version…

So, I’ll keep it short, since I want to be done before Monday AND have some weekend left, too.
Have a good one!

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