Terp Summit 2021 or: First CPD of the year

This past Monday through Wednesday was the premier of Terp Summit, a conference for interpreters that will hopefully be repeated and become a regular thing in the future, whether online or in person.

Organized by Sophie Llewellyn Smith (thank you again for this herculean effort!), it was an awesome opportunity for interpreters to learn and connect. The few technical glitches aside, the biggest problem was deciding which presentations to attend, since there were so many and in part taking place simultaneously, plus I also had to teach those three days and had to plan the sessions around my classes.

The topics basically covered three important areas: CPD (focusing on technology for RSI, the voice, practice and B languages), self-care and marketing. There was a quiz you could take to find out which area(s) were more important to you to help you pick the sessions, but even so I had a hard time deciding, especially when there were two happening at the same time.

This was why I purchased the Interpreters’ Toolkit for Success, which lets me watch all the (recorded) sessions at my leisure plus includes the presentations, chats from the live sessions (which have a lot of information by the participants in them) and tons of bonus material.

Knowing I wouldn’t miss anything (even if I wouldn’t be able to actively take part) took some of the pressure out.

Now I can watch the sessions I missed and also the ones I attended again – there was so much information, after all, it really was a lot to take in.

Sadly, I had virtually no time to network, but I guess you can’t have it all. it was awesome in any case and I am looking forward to the next one!

If you are interested in the summit, you can still purchase the Toolkit and get access to it all here. The offer is only active until Sunday, so hurry! 😉

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