So much to listen to, so little time

Anyone who wrote or spoke to me this past week first got an apology and then the explanation that I have a huge project, school, a webinar I have to moderate and an annual general meeting, plus regular business and life things going on, so I have little to no time for anything more. While I am grateful for the work, it’s unfortunate timing in a lot of ways, but there you have it. It’s been one of those “in-the-office-from-7am-to-9pm” weeks with all work and no play for me – and it’s not over yet! Luckily, these times are the exception and not the rule…

So in order to be efficient AND helpful to my faithful readers, I thought I’d share a list of the top 12 localization industry podcasts I found over on MultiLingual. I won’t be able to enjoy any of them right now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t, now does it? So here it is (in alphabetical order) – enjoy!

By the way, if you follow the link to the post on MultiLingual, there is a very cute little film you should really watch. Yes, ultimately it’s advertising, but it really is good! 😉

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