Unusual times…

… call for unusual measures.

Whatever your views on the current global situation and whatever the outcome will eventually be, one thing is certain: these are unusual times in the literal meaning. Nothing is or works the usual way anymore, it seems, and the effects on everyone, whether privately or professionally, are hard to ignore.

For me, this week has been very busy with work, both translations and school – we are shifting teaching into the digital realm and that has a whole list of challenges of its own.

The most interesting occurrence this week, however, is the interpreting job I get to do tomorrow. Yes, you read that right – I am actually going to interpret tomorrow. Not a conference or a meeting but a wedding ceremony. It was originally going to take place on Monday, with family and guests and everything. Then it was decided that it would be only the bride and groom and the registrar and myself, with lots of space between us. I was even told I could bring my own pen to sign…
This morning then I received an email from the bride asking whether we could do it already tomorrow – before any lockdowns might come into effect.
Of course I said yes.

Can you imagine? What is usually a wonderful and exciting day in your life, spent with family and friends celebrating together, is by necessity turned into a very private, small affair. But like I said, these are unusual times.

I have actually interpreted for only a bride and groom and the registrar where that was intended, but this clearly was not the plan here. I hope that even though the ceremony will be quite intimate, it will still be a festive occasion, and I will do my best to contribute.

So, no matter how and to what extent you are affected, I hope you are all dealing with this in a sensible and calm manner, are able to enjoy the spring days, and above all that you are staying healthy.

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