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Yes, after some very different and in part difficult weeks and months, we finally reached the end of the school year and the beginning of summer vacation! If I’m honest, there were days when I thought we’d never make it, things seemed so daunting and almost impossibly trying and demanding. Suddenly having to switch to online teaching; then partially back to face-to-face classes, but different; then a return of …


… and what a vacation it was?! 4400km on 2 wheels in 2 weeks, through the Southern French Alps, all the way to the Mediterranean, through the Provence (lavender harvest!) and back. The weather was mostly good, and it was great fun and the landscape just amazing! Being back in the office Monday morning was quite hard after that. The 10001 e-mails waiting for me didn’t really help, either… but …


Ja, das liebe Sommerloch, der Urlaub, Feiertage, Ferien…. und dann findet man sowas im Briefkasten und denkt sich: Job-Sicherheit! 😉


Regular readers of this blog will remember that I had written down some thoughts on discounts earlier this year – and that I was not in favor of them. Now, in a mailing list the other day, a colleague (whom I do not know personally) offered discounts for Ramadan and called it “month of sharing”. The idea of offering a limited discount on the occasion of an important event …