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Finally – we made it!

Yes, after some very different and in part difficult weeks and months, we finally reached the end of the school year and the beginning of summer vacation!

If I’m honest, there were days when I thought we’d never make it, things seemed so daunting and almost impossibly trying and demanding. Suddenly having to switch to online teaching; then partially back to face-to-face classes, but different; then a return of all classes to school while having to meet the hygiene requirements, which brought a whole new set of problems due to split classes and thus only half the time to cram the content into…

Yes, some things fell by the wayside, and we’ll have to make it up somehow next school year. Yes, it was difficult and tiring. But! It also opened up new opportunities, for me as a teacher, and I’m pretty sure for the students as well.

We made it through! We made it through this year, especially the second half and even more so the exams! I’m so proud of everyone, colleagues and students alike! And I’m so glad this school year is over! Only one thing left to do, i.e. handing over the certificates to this year’s FAK3 next Wednesday (and I don’t consider that work in any way, shape or form!) and then it really is done.

I hope everyone takes this time to refresh, relax and take some time off! I know I will…

Photo by Thomas Bush from FreeImages

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