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…otherwise they would not have given me a present today, on the last day of school. Really, I should have been the one to give them something, since they really were a great class, making my life as a first-time head teacher a lot easier than it could have been! Instead, they gifted me with this: And they obviously also put a lot of thought into it – I love …


It seems like there is just one holiday after another right now (though really, there is plenty for me to do in between), but I’m looking forward to this day off. Hereabouts, traditions include the “Dance into May” on April 30, plus beautifully decorated and sometimes even carved trees that are being set up everywhere on May 1, with lots of music, dancing, food and drink, of course. There’s also …


Because without the empty cross, there wouldn’t be a holiday… Image by Gerd Altmann on Pixabay