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Photo by Emilie Shepard on Scopio

We made it

It’s official: We have made it through this school year and summer holidays are finally here.

While there is always some up and down throughout any school year, this one was particularly difficult and taxing.

Anyone either involved as a teacher, a parent or a student knows what I’m talking about. It really is almost unbelievable how one tiny little virus can turn everything upside down.

But it is equally incredible that somehow we made it through more or less ok. Yes, things didn’t all get done, or always done well, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who had moments of (near) despair these past months, wondering if things would ever return to at least a semblance of normalcy.

And while I don’t dare make predictions about the fall, as an eternal optimist, I do have hopes that things will improve and the next school year will involve a little less flying by the seat of our pants. Although with the new syllabus coming into force in September, there’ll be plenty of opportunity to put our improvisation skills to the test again…

In any case, I wish everyone a great summer, time to relax and recharge their batteries, and above all: stay healthy and sane!

Photo by   Emilie Shepard  on  Scopio

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