Back from vacation…

… and what a vacation it was?! 4400km on 2 wheels in 2 weeks, through the Southern French Alps, all the way to the Mediterranean, through the Provence (lavender harvest!) and back. The weather was mostly good, and it was great fun and the landscape just amazing!

Being back in the office Monday morning was quite hard after that. The 10001 e-mails waiting for me didn’t really help, either… but hey! I’m not complaining! I have work with nice deadlines to make the transition into the regular schedule better, and I got my teaching schedule for this school year, which turned out better than I had hoped for!

So all in all, this summer has been going pretty good, even if the weather has been feeling more like fall… but I’m counting on an Indian Summer!

Hope y’all are having a great summer, too!

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