New Year’s Eve 2020

As I sit here and watch the sun go down on this last day of 2020, I wonder what to write about it. This year certainly was not anything like I imagined it would be, and I’m sure pretty much everyone feels the same way.

What started out “normal” and with an optimistic outlook for me got turned upside down only a couple of weeks later. I never would have thought it possible for one little virus to have such far-reaching consequences!

Every area of life was (and still is) affected one way or another. Not everything was bad, some things were even surprisingly wonderful. All in all, I got through it okay so far, even if my dream of interpreting more seems to have gotten further away again… But I really can’t complain, especially when I hear what some of my colleagues are having to deal with. And although I sometimes complain about them, this year I am very thankful for my many and diverse jobs.

Still, I could have done without this pandemic, and more than anything I wish and hope for this new year starting in just a few hours to be filled with good news and positive developments.

Looking back is not bad per se, but today, looking forward is much more important, I think.
So here is to a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2021!

Photo by Stephanie Berghaeuser from FreeImages

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