Christmas 2020

Every year, usually around the middle of November, the same question arises – I even wrote about it on this blog two years ago: the year-end greetings for customers and colleagues.

Until now, I always sent a little something, to say thank you for a year of great cooperation – and of course also in the hopes of staying in people’s minds longer 😉 . But this year, everything is different, and so I thought not so much about how I can leave an impression, but how I can do something good for others. The year was difficult, for sure, but despite everything, I got through it fairly unscathed, and I wanted to share with those who weren’t that fortunate.

So instead of sending cards and gifts, this year I made a donation to a charitable organization whose founder and director I have known personally for many years and which is doing important work particularly now for women, children and families in one of the poorest areas of Peru: casayohana (information about the foundation and the project can be found here:

The wonderful thing is that I am not the only one who did this. I also received quite a few messages from customers and colleagues who had either already donated or were now inspired to do so. And isn’t that what makes this time of year so special? This standing together and helping each other, particularly in the face of difficulties?

So I wish us all a merry and blessed Christmas, a good start into the New Year, good health and the confidence that we will get through this!

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