New things to see

I had mentioned a few weeks ago that there would be some changes a-coming. Well, one has already come, albeit a somewhat temporary one – this is only an interim solution, as I am still not entirely sure about the final solution, but I needed something quick, so here it is:
Click here
and here
and here
to see some new things!

Did you see it? On the first page? In the blue bar across the top? And the new blurb on the bottom left?

I am so happy! It finally has arrived front and (almost) center on my website: my super-special specialization: music!
And just in time for the elia together conference last week, too…
(A big thank you again to my awesome website-guru, Jan Teriete! You really are the best!)

So, what do you think? Please let me know in the comments below if this change is good or not so good. I’m happy to hear from you, including (constructive!) criticism and of course great ideas to continue the change.

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