memoQ seminar

Tomorrow, I’ll be holding a beginners seminar for memoQ in Munich, organized by the BDÜ . It’s been a while since the last one (two years?!), and quite a bit has changed since then – and for the better!

While updating my script, I realized once again how diligently the people at Kilgray are working on constantly improving this great translation tool. And how well their support works: when a feature I wanted to show tomorrow didn’t work, I wrote a support request, and within an hour, the problem was solved. Not many other companies out there can claim the same….

A brief sneak peek into the upcoming new version 2014 by Kevin Lossner yesterday (Thanks again, Kevin, that was really great!) also underlined how well the developers are listening to what the translators are saying, even if it sometimes takes a while – there are a lot of exciting new features coming up, which I personally can’t wait to use! I’ll definitely be telling the participants about them tomorrow. I hope they’ll be as excited about this great CAT-tool as I am…

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