More about the future

I have been writing and talking about MT for a while now, and of course the discussions go on – as does the development of MT.
As I’ve said before, opinions vary greatly, but regardless of everything that is (potentially or factually) bad about it, there are just as many positive points to be made. And since it won’t go away… well, you know MY opinion. 🙂

Mats Dannewitz Linder wrote a great guest post on eMpTy Pages about what MT means for translators who (have to) edit it. The post gives a good insight into how to first of all decide whether to do it at all, and then figure out how to work with it. The different scenarios reflect reality today, I think, and also show what we can expect and consequently how we can influence the future development of MT.

Also very interesting are the comments and the respective responses.

Enjoy the read!

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