Essential Office Equipment: Sit-to-Stand Desk

I recently came across some really interesting sites with people promoting walking while you work?! Yes, you read that right. There are people (and by now also clever companies catering to their needs e.g. by building special desks) who very slowly walk on a treadmill while working at their desks. While the statement that our bodies are made for walking and movement, not sitting, is certainly true, I just can’t see myself working productively and well on a treadmill.
However, what I can do is stand up every now and then. And since last week, I can do so and keep working, thanks to my new sit-to-stand desk!
Ok, some people may argue that this is not really essential
equipment. But anyone spending more than just a few hours a day in front
of a PC will attest to the fact that regardless of how much you try to
remind yourself to sit up straight and how many breaks you take, and no
matter of how good your office chair (or ball or whatever you sit on)
is, after eight hours (or more) hunched over a keyboard, your shoulders
just don’t want to straighten anymore and your entire spine protests at
being brought back into its natural position. Simple and unfortunately
undeniable fact.
This is what my workplace looked like before:
And this is what it looks like now:
At sitting height …
(Please excuse the cable mess, I haven’t quite figured out the perfect way to keep them neat, yet flexible.)
… and at standing height.
I am still amazed at how long I actually can stand up – although, to be quite honest, I don’t only stand per se. I move around, stand on one leg and then the other, move my hips…
The best thing though is that I really feel how my shoulders are in their natural position, even while I’m typing. 
I don’t feel as tensed up after a long day’s work, and even my back is a lot happier than when I just sit.
The first time I worked a full day at my desk, I actually worked standing up the entire morning – almost 4 hours?!
For now, I am very, very happy with my new workplace. But who knows? Maybe some day in the future I’ll install a treadmill underneath and start walking while working, too …

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