En este momento estás viendo 12 months
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12 months

The new year is barely a week old, and already time seems to be going by just as fast as it did last year.

2023 was incredibly packed, including with lots of great adventures, experiences and people. Yet it also seemed to me that time was just racing by, with barely a moment to pause and breathe.

So many things happened (unfortunately not all of them of the positive kind), adding work to an already full plate. And the fact that the summer vacation was a working holiday probably didn’t help, either…

Ironically, December couldn’t come fast enough because I just wanted that year to be over.

I’m not making any New Year’s resolutions, but one thing I hope and strive for is that these next 12 months won’t be as busy as the last 12 were.

It’s not going to be easy, I can already tell:
I have an additional work load of four classes in my teaching schedule, starting next week.
The next BDÜ board meeting and New Year’s Reception are happening next weekend.
The BDÜ Annual Meeting is just around the corner, with everything that entails regarding preparation, reporting, accounting and audit.
The first interpreting assignments of the year are coming up.
And the regular beginning-of-the-year tasks need to be done within the next few weeks, as well.

Yes, having work is always better than not having work.
And yes, I love what I do.

Nevertheless, both body and mind need regular rest and recuperation times, and both were sorely missing last year.

I’m counting on my experience from last year to coach me through this one and to remind me in good time to think first before accepting any tasks, to say no when it’s the right thing to do, and to take regular breaks before I get overwhelmed.

Keep your fingers crossed… 😉

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