Help to improve Windows 10?

Have you heard of this Windows app for Windows 10 that lets you send in suggestions for not-so-good translations of the operating system? It’s called Language Community and is free to download from the App Store after an update to Windows 10.
I just came across this article on Slator from last fall, which explains it pretty well. It says:

“This programme is essentially a managed crowd of people voluntarily providing feedback on Windows products and services. […]
The Language Community app lets Windows users take screenshots of system windows and highlight what they think are bad translations. They can then suggest corrections and/or improvements, or vote on previous submissions to give attention to corrections or improvements that they think work best.
Microsoft does not guarantee that top suggestions will be implemented. While it is not clear what becomes of the suggested corrections, it is likely they are presented to the company’s internal team for consideration.”

I have not tried it yet – have any of you?
If no, would you?
If yes, what are your experiences?
And what do you think about it from a professional point of view?

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