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Although this webinar Jost held for the Ukrainian Translation Industry Conference is already five years old, it is still incredibly relevant and surprisingly up-to-date. Enjoy!


With the rise of MT and AI, the voices proclaiming the end of human translation and interpretation are getting louder. And if you look at all the headlines and the hype taking place surrounding DeepL & Co it certainly can seem that way. But is it really true? The Tech-Savvy Interpreter (aka Prof. Barry Slaughter Olsen) took a very close look at one of the new devices that are supposedly …


While reading a very informative article about machine translation and whether and how to use it by Alan K. Melby (you can read it here),  I was excited to read his very accurate description of the problem that often exists between translation customer and translator when it comes to terminology. He writes: There is a widespread and dangerous myth that translation is a black box with one input and one …