10-year leap in 1 day

I don’t know about you, but I don’t need to go with the latest fashion in all things, be it clothes, hairstyle or electronic gadgets. I do believe in staying up-to-date when it comes to the tools I need to work well, though, and that includes both software and hardware.
I try to stay updated with the important software such as my CAT tools, my accounting software etc. One thing, though, I resisted updating and upgrading for quite a while. Because I was happy with the functions. Because I was familiar with the look and feel of it. Because I worked well and fast with it. And because it was stable.
I’m talking about MS Office. 2003. Yes. I know. That’s ancient in software years. But it worked well, never gave me any trouble and was compatible with just about anything.
When 2007 came along, I was just disgusted at the changed look, and how not-intuitive the interface with the silly ribbons was to me. So I downloaded the compatibility patch and was a happy camper for a few more years.
Then, 2010 was released, but nothing really earth-shaking new in that version. Same with 2013. And still my trusty 2003 served me well and without troubles of any kind.
Then Microsoft came up with the SAAS idea (well, ok, they didn’t come up with it, but they finally switched all their products to it), and you now basically have to rent the software and pay an annual fee for using it. Yeah, yeah, always up-to-date, and all that good stuff, but I liked that even less than those goofy ribbons!

Well, and now we’re in 2014, and support for my beloved 2003 is running out in a few days. And maybe I’m imagining things (although I think not), but the programs suddenly started acting up, freezing, shutting down for no apparent reason etc. What a strange coincidence! I’m not usually a conspiracy theory kinda girl, but this just seems too convenient to me…
However, be that as it may, the fact of the matter was that I had to switch from 2003 to something newer. I had known that of course, I had just put it off for as long as I could.
Not wanting to subscribe to that whole annual-fee thing, I purchased a license key for the 2013 version through a popular auction site, downloaded the files and violá – time-warped forward a decade in less than a day.
So now I’m having to get used to a new look, a new feel, trying to find my way around these darn ribbons, where (imho) nothing is where it should be, and deal with the imperfections of the upgrade. (Oh, how I miss my colored flags in Outlook!)

I know, I’ll get used to it all in rather less time than I expect most likely, but still! New is not always better! Why couldn’t they have at least included the option to make it look like 2003? I thought retro was hip…?!

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