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Came across this in one of the mailing lists for translators and interpreters… Enjoy! Oh, btw: only one more week of school… 😉


I recently came across the youtube channel by Dana Newman of Wanted Adventure, an American living in Germany. She is very excited about living abroad and shares this enthusiasm in her many videos on all sorts of topics. I’d like to share the one in which she raves about her favorite German words she wishes could just be translated literally into English. Fun and educational – enjoy!


Wer sich, wie ich, auch nicht sehr viel darunter vorstellen kann, wird in diesem Video vom BDÜ/MDÜ aufgeklärt. Es ist zwar schon etwas älter, aber trotzdem informativ.


I came across this little film here by smartling. Not what I expected, but good nevertheless. Enjoy!


I just recently saw the movie “Frozen”, loved the music, and then I came across this! Too funny! And proof yet again that I don’t have to worry about being replaced by a machine any time soon… 😉 I especially love her face, trying not to laugh while she’s singing – and doing an excellent job of it, too! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. …


Have you ever wanted to scream because of fantastical spelling and toe-curling grammar in posts, comments, e-mails etc.? Well, here’s a funny and really well-made little video about a dream killed: Missmatch (“I Dreamed a Dream” Parody) – watch more funny videos


Die Kollegen Nataly Kelly und Jost Zetzsche, die das sehr tolle Buch Found in Translation geschrieben haben, haben ein neues Projekt geplant, für das sie Übersetzer und Dolmetscher auf der ganzen Welt um kurze Videobeiträge gebeten haben. Die Anweisung lautet: möglichst nicht länger als 10 Sekunden (schwierig!), wenn’s geht landestypisch, und natürlich das Schild nicht vergessen!  Hier ist mein Video (in Überlänge): Na, wer errät das Landestypische daran? 😉 …