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Yesterday, I attended a very interesting BDÜ workshop on marketing in Munich. And although I wasn’t too happy about the long day initially (since I have a ton of work), it turned out to have been a very good idea, indeed to go. It started out with us having to pick a picture and then introducing ourselves and using the picture to describe our current (professional) situation. Here’s the one …


Ever translated anything using one of those free online translation tools? I have, I admit it, but only to communicate with the French owners of the B&B we wanted to stay at during our vacation. I’m sure it wasn’t poetry in motion, but we understood each other enough to make it work. And for things like that, Google Translate, Bing Translator & Co. are perfectly fine. But what about important …


I came across this little film here by smartling. Not what I expected, but good nevertheless. Enjoy!