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Productivity methods

I recently wrote about my frustration with myself and the increasing feeling of overwhelm (I know that’s not a noun [yet?], but if you keep reading, you’ll find out where I picked it up), especially when it comes to work, and I have to say that things have not really improved since. A few very sweet colleagues replied and commented on LinkedIn, but then work took over again, and well, that was it.

Then I came across a link I had saved for some time with the title “Productivity methods”. It’s a quiz created by todoist, a tool/app for getting and staying organized (no sponsorship here whatsoever, just heard about it from others and briefly looked into it).

The first screen says, “Want to find out which productivity method is right for you?”

Maybe this was just what I was looking for?!

So I clicked through it and answered according to my “#1 biggest challenge right now”. On offer were: procrastination, prioritization, work-life balance, overwhelm, focus and over-commitment. Guess which one I picked…

My result was:

A simplified ‘GTD’ built for the modern pace of work.
Systemist is perfect for anyone who juggles lots of tasks and responsibilities and needs a streamlined system to keep track of it all. It’s the productivity method Doist’s Founder and CEO uses to run a remote company of 70 people spread across 25 different countries.

I have only briefly skimmed over it so far, but it looks promising. Now if I could only find the time to try it out…

If you want to take the quiz yourself to find out which method might help you, click here.

And then, if you like, comment below – it would be fun to see the different results, and maybe even share experiences.

Image by Jenny On The Moon

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