Great customer service

Sure, they want to sell something. Sure, it helps to be nice in order to do so. But still!

I had to download the trial version of a flowchart editing program for one of my agency clients so I could translate a document they sent me. Since I was busy with a rather large proofreading job, I merely downloaded it from the software company’s website and installed it. I took a quick look at it to see whether it worked (it did, even though I would have to replace every word by hand) and that was it.
Not 24 hours later, I received a call from one of the representatives of the company (I had had to give some contact information in order to download the program), asking me what I needed the program for, if I knew how to use it and whether I needed any help. When I said that I needed it to translate the text in some flowcharts, he proceeded to show me some tricks for how to make that go faster. He even shared the view of his desktop so I could see what he was doing. When he didn’t have an immediate answer to a question (namely whether it was possible to re-import the xml or html list of text to be translated which can be exported and translated in a CAT tool), he promised to look into it and call me back before the next day was over. 20 minutes of nothing but “How can I help you make your work easier?” – how is that for customer service?!

So, although I most likely will not purchase their product (the cheapest version costs over € 400), I can certainly recommend their customer service!

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