A ♥ for Language Blogs

Dagmar and Judy Jenner from Translation Times suggested to spread the word about good language blogs by asking fellow bloggers to list their 10 favorite ones and giving the post the above title.
So here is a list (with links) of 10 of the language blogs I read regularly, in no particular order, which I think are not only helpful and interesting, but also fun.
1. Thoughts on Translation: A blog by Corinne McKay, full of great articles about the translation industry. she gets lots of comments (as opposed to me…).

2. false friends, good and bad translation, Denglisch, Tipps für Übersetzer: A great blog by Martin Crellin on the pitfalls of German to English translation, and always fun to read, too!
3. Übersetzer-Blog: This is a German blog by two of my colleagues who only started blogging a while ago. But their content is great and gives wonderful insights into the working life of an interpreter and an architectural translator.
4. Musings from an overworked translator: This blog by Jill Sommer offers lots of insider information and inspiration – she’s a veritable translation machine.

5. Separated by a common language: In her blog, Lynne Murphy, an American who lives in the U.K., explains the differences between American and British English, which I personally find very helpful.

6. Translation Times: The great blog by translating twins Judy & Dagmar Jenner, always short and to the point and full of good information.

7. Mox’s Blog: Alejandro Moreno-Ramos is both a translator and a cartoonist and takes a not-so-serious look at the translation business – but always reminding translators not to sell themselves out cheap and forget their private life.
8. Translation Tribulations: Kevin Lossner writes very thorough posts especially about translation technology, but also about his various adventures with clients. His experience in the business is very valuable, and he shares it freely.

9. Transblawg: This blog is almost from around the corner – Margaret Marks lives and works only about 30km from me, but we have not yet met. She specializes in legal translations and shares the results of her research the same as the great pictures of Fürth.
10. Ü wie Übersetzen:  Elisabeth John offers great and detailed reviews of new tools beyond the expected that could be helpful for translators (in German).

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