Essential Office Equipment: Office Chair

Anyone spending longer periods of time at the desk knows that a bad office chair inevitably leads to bad posture and all sorts of health problems in the long term. Things like backaches, headaches or stiff knees are a sure first sign you’re spending too much time in one (bad) position.

I’ve always been a firm believer in a good office chair, and I knew I had a good one, but I didn’t realize just how good until my accident 3 months ago. I managed to severely bruise my pelvis, crack a rib and give the 12th thoracic vertebra a compression fracture, so walking, sitting and standing were all equally painful for quite some time (and still are to a point).
Having a desk that moves up and down helps, as I am able to switch from sitting to standing and vice versa, but I have to say, my office chair really rocks: Just about all parts of it are adjustable and the cushioning supports everything exactly where and how it should. Good posture while sitting in front of my desk is really quite easy because of it.

I had a chair with armrests before, which I removed fairly quickly, however, because the temptation to lean on them – and thus twisting my back into a rather unhealthy position – was just too great. This next one came without them, and I must say, I haven’t missed them at all.

I hope this chair will be with me for a while, but when the time comes to acquire a new one, I know what to look for: adjustable, good cushioning and no armrests. And I am willing to pay more for it, too – after all, my health is priceless!

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