Essential Office Equipment: Desk Lamp

It’s undeniable – the days are getting shorter, fall has definitely arrived and it’s getting to the point where I have to turn on the heater and the light when I get into my office in the mornings.

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Some days, when the sun just doesn’t seem to want to come out at all, I have to leave the light on all day. So of course it is important that I have a good lamp giving good light on my desk so I can work without straining my eyes and ultimately ruining my eyesight (I’m not getting any younger, either, you know).

In my opinion, a good desk lamp should:

  • illuminate the entire area you work in (not just a spot on the keyboard and/or the writing area)
  • be placed so that the light comes from directly above, so you and other items on your desk don’t cast a shadow on what you’re doing (typing or writing)
  • be placed so that it doesn’t cause a reflection and glare off your monitor(s)
  • use an eco-friendly bulb
  • if possible, cast daylight, since that is best for your eyes
  • not take up a lot of space on your desk (maybe not super important, but honestly, who has room to spare on their desks?)

I won’t give any recommendations on which model lamp or bulb to use since I think it is a matter of preference and taste, but for those wanting to find out more about daylight bulbs, here’s a helpful site: Choosing daylight bulbs.

Do you have any more tips on creating a well-illuminated workspace? Share them in the comments below!

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