#dolbc – come again?

My first time was almost exactly one year ago. And it was so good, I was instantly hooked. I just knew, I’d have to do it again, at the very next opportunity! And that opportunity was this last weekend.
So I made my way to Hamburg – not without some moments of worry, when the train had to crawl along at walking speed due to “persons in the track bed” – , braving the unrelenting wind and the cold, just to be able to do it again.

How my heart beat in anticipation on Saturday morning as I approached the Kulturpalast (and also because for some reason I thought it started at 10, when it actually started at 9, meaning I was 30 minutes late – yikes!)! How my spirit was lifted upon seeing so many kindred spirits, fellow seekers of community, knowledge, understanding and so much more, when I entered the room. What an assembly of wonderful, motivated, sparkling people, all come together this weekend for one purpose: to lift and be lifted in the community of this extraordinary species called “interpreters”!

And what lifting did take place?! In numerous sessions, with topics from all spheres, from music to traveling, from language to money, from fails to triumphs, there was more than enough for everyone, sometimes making the choice of where to participate quite hard, indeed.

I left this place with notebook and heart filled to the brim with experiences and ideas and the certainty that I most definitely would have to do it again, at the very next opportunity!!

Thank you to all me fellow barcampers, it was delightful, and I sincerely hope to see you again, at the latest at the next #dolbc!

For all those who have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about, as well as those who’d like to find out more, look here – and see for yourself next time! 🙂

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