Back to school

Well, summer is officially over: School here in Bavaria started back up last Monday (yes, teachers have to be in school already on Monday), and what a start it was?!

This year, I have one two-period class in addition to my other classes to teach, which also means that I have to go to school three days now instead of two, plus I get to be the class teacher for the second year – a first for me, but thankfully I have lovely colleagues to help me along.

What made this first week particularly challenging was the fact that I also had interpreting assignments from Tuesday (all day) to Friday (two afternoons and one morning) in addition to school, so not much time to breath in between, but hey – anyone can do easy, right?! 😉

I am glad it is the weekend though, and that preparations for next week are done, so I can enjoy it.

I hope, you do too, regardless of what your week was like and how the next is going to be!

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