Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants

Being a teacher now, and one who hasn’t gone through teacher training (I know?!), I am always on the lookout for new methods and approaches to making the learning process better, both for myself and for my students.

I recently came across this very interesting article by Marc Prensky talking about the different “languages” the different generations speak. Although written in 2001(!), it is very topical, as I can actually see the differences in the students.

Although I technically belong to the generation of Digital Immigrants, I wouldn’t call myself one. Going by what Marc Prensky gives as characteristics, I am more on the side of the Digital Natives (e.g. learning by doing, going online for information first, etc.).
Yet my education took place “old school” and suited me just fine, too. I guess, I’m a rare(?) hybrid…

So maybe not having had formal pedagogy training may even be an
advantage, since I am not so bent on using traditional methods and
more open to trying new and different things… Only time will tell, though – and what my students think?!

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