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Your prioritization ninja

If you’ve been in this business for a while and/or if you’re as much into CPD as I am, you probably have come across Jenae Spry of Success by Rx and her various training and coaching offers for freelance translators.

One of them is the Doer Entrepreneurs Free Community, of which I have been a member for a while now.

One recent post there was about the prioritization ninja everyone should know – and put to work!

Prioritization ninja? Yep. She shows up whenever something unmovable (vacation, a big event, a deadline even) is looming, and you realize that there is not enough time before then to do everything on your list. So you have to prioritize things in order of importance as well as into before and after.

If this is not one of your “regular” strengths, this is the moment your prioritization ninja shows up to help. And I’m pretty sure you’ve met yours before, even if you weren’t aware of it.

I personally love my ninja! She’s been a regular around here, but especially these past two weeks as I don’t work weekends as a rule, there were several days off due to holidays and other things, and I’ve had a ton of things to do with fairly short deadlines – and it’s not over yet. So I’m really happy to have my ninja around pointing me in the right direction when I look at my list and am at risk to feel overwhelmed.

How about you? Have you formally met your ninja yet? If not, isn’t it about time (double entendre intended)?

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