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I recently decided to replace the netbook I had been using in the booth with a tablet computer. Actually, this was long overdue, as the netbook – not the fastest to begin with – had been getting slower and slower, taking somewhere around 5 minutes just to start up and deciding to freeze up at the most inopportune moments because its little RAM was simply not up to the task …


Last weekend I was at the ProZ.com conference in Barcelona, which was not only a great opportunity for me to meet new people and practice my Spanish, but also to learn new things about how to promote my services better and use my time and resources more effectively. One session was all about getting customers to want to hire us (as opposed to other translators/interpreters/etc.), among other things by spiffying …


Translation3 virtual conferences | ProZ.com Check it out! I participated last year and it was really great. The virtual part is actually not strange at all, it’s almost like a real-life conference, except everything happens over the computer. And the best thing: it’s free!