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Most likely everyone trying to master English has had problems with these before, so take a look at this great explanatory article over at espressoenglish to learn about the difference and correct use of close/shut, start/begin, end/finish, and listen/hear. I hope you find it helpful!


I’m sure everyone who has anything to do with language has seen the latest video by Weird Al Yankovic. If not, here it is: Although I like the music and laughed when I first saw it (I have to admit, there’s a little bit of a grammar-nazi in me, too), this article by Stan Carey over at Sentence first made me have second thoughts. What do you think? Is it …


It’s been too hot to think these days, so I figured some language-related fun is in order. Enjoy these tattoos…


Gotta love this guy! If you don’t know him yet, enjoy your first taste of John Green from Mental Floss!


Have you ever wanted to scream because of fantastical spelling and toe-curling grammar in posts, comments, e-mails etc.? Well, here’s a funny and really well-made little video about a dream killed: Missmatch (“I Dreamed a Dream” Parody) – watch more funny videos


The great BDÜ video comparing the translations of a real flesh-and-blood translator with the results by Google Translate I wrote about here is now also available in English:


Since I’m on a mini-vacation again this week, here’s an excerpt from an excellent post from the myGengo blog on how to judge the quality of a translation: Before submitting Prior to submitting your text to be translated, make sure you give the translator proper context. In addition to giving a brief summary detailing what the intentions for the translation are, also be sure to guide the translator on …


I was reading The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame – it’s a children’s story, I know, but it’s a classic, too, and I’ve never read it, so there – when I came across a paragraph that just left me speechless. It’s towards the end of the book, after Toad has escaped from prison and been rescued from the river by his friends, who tell him that his ancestral …


Mark Twain’s remarks about the irregularities and irrationality of spelling in the English language.  ADDRESS AT THE DINNER GIVEN TO MR. CARNEGIE AT THE DEDICATION OF THE NEW YORK ENGINEERS’ CLUB, DECEMBER 9, 1907 Mr. Clemens was introduced by the president of the club, who, quoting from the Mark Twain autobiography, recalled the day when the distinguished writer came to New York with $3 in small change in his pockets …


Got this from another Blogger’s page, but it’s so great, I just had to share it, too.


A very handy little guide to remembering how to spell things correctly, especially those homophones. (by The Oatmeal) Warning: Not for the tender-hearted….


There are a ton of discussions going on about British English and American English, there are blogs to read and videos to watch, some funny, some actually educating, and the question often is which version of English is the correct one…. well, in my opinion, that is really the wrong question to ask, since both flavors (and keep in mind that there are numerous others, as well, such as Australian, …


Apostrophe sind schon eine tolle Sache – wenn man sie richtig zu setzen weiß! Wenn nicht, kommen manchmal recht seltsame, lustige und mitunter auch ganz falsche Ergebnisse dabei heraus. Aber es gibt eine gute Nachricht: Ines Balcik hat sich zu dem Thema Gedanken gemacht und ein wunderbar verständliches und einfach zu verwendendes Dokument erstellt, mit dem garantiert kein Apostroph mehr an der falschen Stelle landet, herunterzuladen hier. The thing about …


Caution! This joke contains some violence and strong language. A giant panda goes into one of those expensive and pretentious restaurants serving French/Asian fusion cuisine and takes a table for one. The surprised waiter for that table explains unctuously that his name is Marcel, he will be your server tonight, and we ‘ave a number of specials (he is French), etc., etc. The panda listens impassively to the list of …