New love apparently shows…

The faithful readers of my blog will remember how I broke up with  my long-time partner, SDL Trados, in December to welcome a new CAT tool into my heart: memoQ. And I must say, I have not looked back or regretted that step one single moment since. 
Since I am one of those “click every button and see what happens” kind of persons and taking advantage of the many free webinars offered by Kilgray, I have been discovering new and exciting features regularly and fallen ever more in love. I mean, for those of you who know it, how could I not? It is so customizable, lovable, wonderful… everything a translator would want from a tool and more! Well, ok, not quite, but they’re pretty close and constantly working on getting even closer.

Last night at the monthly get-together of the local chapter of my translator’s association BDÜ, the conversation shifted to CAT tools and the various stages of frustration several colleagues are experiencing with theirs, which presented an excellent opportunity for me to share about my new love, I mean, tool. And since I had brought my notebook (I had wanted to introduce Tradeshift, but we never got that far), I ended up giving an impromptu miniature introduction to memoQ. No preparation whatsoever, but apparently my enthusiasm more than made up for it, since one colleague suggested that I should check with Kilgray to become an official salesperson, or at least give seminars, since I was so knowledgeable about this tool?! (Considering that I have only been working with it for 3 months, that’s saying something!)
So, over there at Kilgray, how about it? 🙂
But seriously, I think I would like introducing others to memoQ, and since (as I am finding out) I really enjoy giving seminars, why not? We’ll just have to see where this goes… so stay tuned for more on this topic!

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