Essential Office Equipment: Footrest

I am fairly tall for a woman. Not super-tall (the WNBA wouldn’t be very impressed), but tall enough to make buying a pair of pants somewhat of a nightmare undertaking for me… but that’s a different story, and one I won’t divulge here.
So, although I am pretty tall, most of that height comes from my legs. When I sit down, I appear actually rather short. Not a huge problem, really, but when it comes to sitting in front of a computer all day, it has the potential to become one. Mainly for my back. And the circulation in my legs (varicose veins, anyone?). And all that fun stuff that comes from sitting incorrectly in a chair for prolonged periods of time.
Having a good office chair is somewhat of a no-brainer, but if I want to sit at a height that accommodates my arms, wrists and hands (and consequently my head, neck and shoulders), my feet are too high off the ground. Yes, I could probably contrive something to have the keyboard and mouse lower than desktop-level, but I decided on a different solution: I bought me a footrest.

It can be completely adjusted to my needs, and the best part: it’s heatable?! So on top of being in the right position (when I don’t tuck them under myself), my feet will always be nice and warm, which will make the rest of me warm, too, even when the heater gives out!
So, bring it on, winter!

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