Computer Trouble

Well, I wanted to use the first post of the year to review 2011 and write about what my plans are for 2012, but my pc decided to break down right after Christmas, and after I finally got it back from the repairman, with a new hard drive, it took me hours just to install the antivirus program, and then it refused to accept anything else, so I had to take it back in. Today’s a holiday here, but he said he might be able to look at it anyway, at the latest tomorrow, so hopefully he’ll find out what the problem is and solve it , so I can have my pc back, set it up and work with it again?!  And then I’ll write that first post of the year…
I mean, I’m glad I have a notebook I can work with, otherwise I’d be in real trouble (that will be another “Essential Office Equipment” post soon), but it’s just not the same.
So, I hope your year started out better than mine and continues to just get better!

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