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Language is in constant flux as is; the influence of globalization on English, for example, is undeniable. I constantly come across words and phrases that only ten years ago would have been considered incorrect, but can now be found even in such esteemed publications as the Financial Times (one of my non-favorites: so-called). And the reason is the increasing number of non-native speakers and writers around the world expressing themselves …


Ever since machine translation has come to the fore in the translation sphere, another “new” area of activity has also started to show up: post-editing. While I’d heard about this for a while now, I only had a vague idea of what it actually entails. So when my regional chapter of the BDÜ announced an evening of discussion on this topic, I made sure I was there. Two colleagues who …


Although this webinar Jost held for the Ukrainian Translation Industry Conference is already five years old, it is still incredibly relevant and surprisingly up-to-date. Enjoy!


While reading a very informative article about machine translation and whether and how to use it by Alan K. Melby (you can read it here),  I was excited to read his very accurate description of the problem that often exists between translation customer and translator when it comes to terminology. He writes: There is a widespread and dangerous myth that translation is a black box with one input and one …